Orderliness (continued)

Civic Education SS1 Third Term

Week 7

Orderliness (continued)

Performance objectives

The student should be able to:

1.Examples of orderliness


Examples of orderliness

1. Listening skills: We listen to gain information, to make decisions, and for enjoyment. Good listening habits help to avoid misunderstandings, embarrassment and mistakes. Orderliness involves paying attention while others talk.

2. Driving skills: We can demonstrate orderliness in driving by overserving the traffic lights, obeying traffic warden instruction and obeying the traffic rules and regulations.

3. Decorum: It is the right behaviour expected in a particular situation. This behaviour should be exhibited always. For example, perfect silence is expected from students while the principal is giving them instructions on the assemble ground.

4. Queuing culture: Queuing is an important way to maintain orderliness in the society. There is a need for us to queue up at some.... View More

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