Orderliness (continued) II

Civic Education SS1 Third Term

Week 8

Orderliness (continued)

Performance objectives

The student should be able to:

1.Roles of orderliness in the society


Roles of orderliness in the society

1. Time-saving: Much time will not be wasted where there is orderliness

2. Reduction of frustration: Orderliness helps reduce frustration when things are done accurately.

3. It promotes peace in the society: Maintained orderliness in the society mostly in public places like churches, school, market etc will promote and foster peace in the society.

4. It brings about national growth: Orderliness brings about national growth because the time which would have been wasted will thereby put into productivity and effectiveness to the national growth.

5.Promotion of good national image: If everyone keeps to orderliness.... View More

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