Respect for constituted authority (continued) II

Civic Education SS1 Third Term

Week 10

Respect for constituted authority (continued)

Performance objectives

The student should be able to:

1. Types of constituted authority


Types of constituted authority

1. Democratic/Government constituted Authority: They are leaders of government, examples are president, ministers, governors etc. they are leaders who have the constitutional backing to rule the people.

Functions of government constituted authority

a. They provide basic amenities (water, electricity, health care facilities)

b. They protect citizens against internal and external attacks. 

2. Religious constituted authority: This is leadership based on religion. Examples are Pastors, Priests and imams. Religious constituted authority are spiritual leaders of religious groups in society. They can be elected or appointed depending on the practice of their religious movement. Some are leaders by achievement while some are leaders by ascription.

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