Environmental pollution 1

Basic Science JSS1 First Term

Week 7

Environmental pollution 1

Performance objectives:

  1. Define Air, Soil, and water pollution.




Pollution may be defined as the release or discharge of harmful waste, dirty or poisonous substances in the environment. Dirty, dangerous harmful or poisonous substances which make the environment unsuitable are called pollutants. Examples are acid, soaps, and detergents, alcohol, oils, chemical compounds such as lead, sulphide, fertilizers, herbicides etc Water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution are types of pollution.

The discharge of waste substances into the environment in quantities that are harmful to human beings is known as pollution.

Air pollution is the discharge of harmful waste substances that contaminate the atmosphere.

Soil pollution is the release of refuse and untreated wastes from agricultural and domestic activities and is exposed or.... View More

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