Family Health: Sanitation 1

Basic Science JSS1 First Term

Week 1

Family Health: Sanitation 1

Performance objectives:

  1. Define Sanitation


Definition of Sanitation

Sanitation is a way in which we keep our environment clean and healthy.

Some diseases arise from poor sanitation and pollution of the environment. If our surroundings and the water we drink are contaminated, our health will be affected.

Sanitation can also be said to be the removal of all kinds of waste that could be considered unpleasant from our immediate environment, to keep ourselves and our environment clean and healthy.

Materials and tools used for sanitation are broom, cutlass, rake, disinfectants, soap, etc.

Environmental Sanitation

Environmental sanitation is the process (Art and Science) of keeping our environment clean by removing waste matter of all kinds from our environment.

Importance of Environmental Sanitation

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