Classes of Crops Cont'd: According to Lifespan

Agricultural Science JSS1 First Term


Classes of Crops Cont'd: According to Lifespan

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

     1. Classify crops according to their Lifespan

     2. List the examples of each crop in each group above


 Lifespan is said to be the length of time for which a plant or animal lives or function before it dies. Plants are therefore classified into three groups according to their lifespan.

Classification of Crops According to their Lifespan

1. Annual Crops: These are crops that completes their lifespan within one year, i.e they grow, produces their seeds and fruits and are harvested within one year. Examples of these crops are maize, yam, tomato, melon, guinea corn, groundnut etc..

2. Biennial crops: These are.... View More

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