Sound Energy II

Basic science JSS3 Second term

Sub-theme: learning about our environment


Sound Energy II

Performance Objectives

The student should be able to:

  1. Indicate how sound is reflected and identify the object that reflects sound.
  2. Explain how sound is heard by the ear


Reflection of sounds

When sound reflects off a special curved surface called a parabola, it will bounce out in a straight line no matter where it originally hits. Many stages are designed as parabolas so the sound will go directly into the audience, instead of bouncing around on stage. If the parabola is closed off by another curved surface, it is called an ellipse. Sound will travel from one focus to the other, no matter where it strikes the wall. A whispering gallery is designed as an ellipse. If your friend stands at one focus and you stand at the other, his whisper will be heard clearly by.... View More

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