Basic Science JSS3 Second Term

Subject Scheme & Timeline:

Please check through the topics down and be sure it conform with the scheme you are using.

Performance Objectives•Introduction.•Concept of Electron Flow.•Concept of Current, Resistance and Potential Difference.•Series and Parallel Arrangement in Electric Circuit.•House Circuit: Fuse and Circuit Breaker.•Electric Meter Reading and Billing.
Performance Objectives•Meaning Skill Acquisition•Reasons for Skill Acquisition•Types of Skill•Importance of Skill Acquisition
Performance Objectives•Meaning of Teenage Pregnancy•Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy and Delivery•Myths and Facts About Pregnancy
Performance Objectives•Element•Compound•Formula of Binary Compound•Fundamental Particles of Atom
Performance Objectives•Meaning of Radioactivity•Discovery of Radioactivity•Types of Radioactivity•Radioactive Elements•Types of Radiation and Their Properties•Nuclear Transmutation•Uses of Radioactivity
Performance Objectives•Symbols of Elements.•Electronic Configuration.•Group and Valency of Compounds.•Formulas of Compounds.•IUPAC Nomenclature.•Fundamental Particles of Atom.
Performance Objectives•Chemical Equations•Equations and Law of Conservation of Matter•Writing Chemical Equations•Balancing Chemical Equations
Performance Objectives•Definition of Simple Machine •Types of Machine•Importance of Simple Machine
Performance Objectives•Parts of the Digestive System•Digestion at Various Parts•Functions of the Enzymes•Simple Food Tests
Performance Objectives•Blood Components and Functions.•The Heart and Blood Vessels.•The Human Circulatory System •Blood Defects and Diseases
The student should be able to:1. Identify resources from living things.2. Name the sources of these resources.
The student should be able to:1. Explain the resources from animal sources.2. Group the resources based on their source.3. Explain the importance of these resources to societal and self-development
The student should be able to:1. Mention solid minerals and where they are found in Nigeria.
The student should be able to:1. Draw a map showing the distribution of solid mineral deposits.2. List the importance and uses of solid minerals.
The student should be able to:1. Explain how sounds are produced from a vibrating medium.
Basic Science JSS3 S...
The student should be able to:1. Indicate how sound is reflected and identify the object that reflects sound.2. Explain how sound is heard by the ear
The student should be able to:1. Describe lodestone as a naturally occurring magnet.2. State the laws of magnetism.
The student should be able to:1. Illustrate magnetic fields and magnetic poles2. Explain how to care for a magnet.
The student should be able to:1. Indicate the direction of electron flow in a circuit2. Set up series and parallel circuits3. Connect ammeter and voltmeter in series and parallel circuit
Student should be able to:1. State the function of fuse and circuit breaker in a house circuit2. Read electric meter for billing.
Basic Science JSS3 S...

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