Food and Nutrition SSS2 Second Term   

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CAKESThe higher the proportion of fat and eggs to flour, the richer the cake. Therefore the richness of a cake depends mainly on the proportion of fat and eggs to flour used.
Cakes to be prepared involve:
Bread RecipeIngredientsQuantitiesFlour200g 80zMargarine10g ½ 0zSalt To tasteYeast5g ¼ ozLiquid (half water) 125ml ¼ pt.Half milk¼ tablespoonCastor sugar
Definition of food preservation:Food preservation can be defined as a way of protecting foods from spoilage or undesirable changes.
Jellies: jellies are fruit preserve that is made by boiling fruit juice, sugar and sometimes pectin until it has a semi-solid consistency.
Cakes for occasions are decorated by coating them with icing sugar. This process is known as “Icing”. The colour of the icing sugar is basically white, this can be enhanced by the use of food colouring. Icing sugar can also be used to make different designs on the cake.
Definition: Budgeting can be defined as the management of time, money and energy planned wisely to suit the needs of an individual or group of people.Food is an expensive item in a family budget, so it is important to shop economically and carefully.
Food storage can be defined as the keeping of foodstuff or food items for some time before use.
DEFINITION OF CONSUMER EDUCATION Consumer education can be defined as a process of helping individuals to become an informed consumer. This is accomplished through enabling the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude they require in order to know their rights as consumers, discern or judge information and consume intelligently within their means or available resources.

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