Contact and Non-contact Sports

Physical and Health Education J.S.S 1 Second Term



Contact and Non-contact Sports

Performance Objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. List the benefits of taking part in contact and non-contact sport.
  2. Demonstrate the common skills in contact and non-contact sports.
  3. List safety measures in contact and non-contact sports.



Benefits of Contact Sports

  • Respect: Children learn to listen to and respect teammates, coaches and officials. Also, children learn to follow rules and respect their opponents.
  • Teamwork: Organized Contact sports teach children to work with and help teammates in order to achieve a common goal. There is no “I” in the team!
  • Discipline: Sports show children that discipline and playing by the rules are valuable assets. Penalties will only set you back!
  • Organization: Participation in organized sports teaches children how to stay organized and responsible. They have to.... View More

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