Marketing Mix (Cont.)

Marketing S.S.S 1 First Term


Marketing Mix (Cont.)

Performance Objectives

Students should be able to explain:

     1. Market environment


1. Explanation of market environment   

Marketing Environment

Marketing environment relates to both internal and external factors that affect an organisation's ability to develop and maintain successful transactions and relationships with its target customers. Businesses do not operate in a vacuum; hence, the decision is made in line and response to changes in an organization's internal(micro) and external ( macro) environments.

Classification of Marketing Environment.

Basically, the marketing environment can be grouped or classified into two groups:

I. Micro Environment: This connotes of an organisation's own influence, objectives and resources. Objectives provide direction for marketing decisions. It is made up of an organisation's immediate customers, competitors, clients, the consumer. They can also be regarded as.... View More

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