Environmental Hazards III

Basic Science JSS3 First term

Sub-theme: learning about our environment


Environmental Hazards III

Performance objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. Mention economic and agricultural practices that influence bush burning.
  2. Discuss the effect of bush burning.
  3. Suggest regulations against burn burning


Bush burning

Burning is the act of setting forests, weeds, and grasses on fires. Farmers clear farmland in preparation for the farming season. The weeds and grasses cleared are often burnt. Forest is a large area of land that is thickly covered with trees. The trees naturally grow on their own or are cultivated by man for different purposes. Mammals, birds, and reptiles make forest their habitat.

Practices that influences bush burning

Some of the practices that influence bush burning include:

  1. hunting
  2. Bush.... View More

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