Family Traits II

Basic Science JSS3 First term

Sub-theme: learning about our environment


Family traits II

Performance objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. Identify dominant and recessive traits in the family.
  2. State the importance of family traits.
  3. Draw their family genealogy.


Family traits (genetics)      

Identifying dominant and recessive traits in the family

For example, a dominant tall man (AA) marries a short woman (aa), when they reproduce they may not give birth to any short child or children. But the children having the recessive traits or genes may produce short child or children by the second generation. The possibility of the next generation producing a short child is if one of the children (male) with a trait (Aa) grows up and gets married to a lady with a trait (Aa) or (aa), one of their offspring would surely possess a recessive.... View More

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