Environmental Hazards V

Basic Science JSS3 First term

Sub-theme: learning about our environment


Environmental Hazards V

Performance objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. Define desertification
  2. Identify areas prone to desertification in Nigeria
  3. State the causes of desertification
  4. State the effects of desertification
  5. List methods that could be used to control desertification



This is the process of land degradation by which a region becomes progressively drier and drier eventually becoming a desert. Desertification can also be defined as the process by which previously biologically productive land becomes a wasteland.

Geographical zones prone to desertification in Nigeria

Desertification is one of the global environmental problems we have in Nigeria. Nigeria is faced with rapid desert encroachment affecting fifteen northernmost states from a moderate to severe rate. Out of the.... View More

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