Mathematics JSS1 First Term Final Assessment


From the options listed below, select the appropriate answer.

1. Find the equivalent fraction of 4/5 with a denominator 25.       A)20/25   B) 30/25        C)14/25     D)16/25

2.  Find the equivalent fraction of 7/15 with a numerator 63.               A)25/63        B)63/135         C)43/63     D)63/145.

3.  Find the equivalent fraction of 7/8 with the denominator 80.           A)120/80        B)89/80     C)70/80   D) 125/80.

4.  Find the equivalent fraction of 60/144 with the numerator 5.   A)44/12     B)23/12        C)81/12     D)5/12

5.  Find the equivalent fraction of 24/88 with the numerator 3.    A) 3/11    B) 4/11        C)6/11       D)9/11.

From the options below select the correct answer to the questions.

8. Which is larger 5/6 or 2/5?   A)5/6       B)2/5. C) None.

9. Which is larger 1/6 and 7/8?       A)None      B)7/8               C)1/6.

10. Arrange in ascending order 3/5,1/10,3/4,1/2. A)1/10,1/2,3/5,3/4.        B)1/2,3/4,3/5,1/10      C)3/5,3/4,1/10,1/2.

11.  Arrange in descending order 5/7,3/10,3/7,1/2,2/5.        .... View More

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