Whole Numbers.2

Mathematics for JSS 1 First Term

 Week 2

Whole Numbers.2

Performance Objectives.

Students should be able to

1. Count and write in trillions.

2. Solve problems on quantitative aptitudes reasoning using large numbers.


In the previous lesson, we were able to establish that we use the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0. as digits in number s.

So from there


21- 2 Tens,1 Unit

321-3 Hundred,2 Tens, and 1 Unit

4321- 4 thousand,3Hundred,2 Tens, and 1 Units

54321-Tens of thousand, 4 Thousand,3 Hundred,2 Tens, 1 Units

654321-6 Hundreds of thousands, 5 Tens of thousands,4 Thousand,3 Hundred,2 Tens and 1 Unit.

7654321-7 Million,6 Hundreds of thousand,5 Tens of thousand,4 Thousand,3 Hundred,2 Tens and 1 Unit.

87654321- 8 Tens of million,7 Million,6 Hundreds of.... View More

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