Marketing S.S.S 1 Third Term



Performance Objectives

Students should be able to know:

1. Advertising media

i. Print

ii. Electronics   

Advertising Media

Advertising media refer to vehicles or channels through which the massage of advertisement reaches the target audience.

 The media can be grouped into

(a) Print media

(b) Electronic media


Print Media

Print media are publication materials, e.g. Newspapers, magazines, periodicals and journals.

In 1854, Rev. Henry Townsend, a Presbyterian Church missionary, established the first printing press in Nigeria. Five years later, it would publish the country’s first newspaper known as "Iwe Irohin Fun Awon Ara Egba Ati Yoruba."


"His objective is to get the people to read and to beget the habit of seeking information by reading." -- Rev. Henry.... View More

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