Consumer behaviour and Organisational behaviour

Marketing S.S.S 1 Third Term


Consumer behaviour and Organisational behaviour

Performance Objectives

Students should be able to explain:

1. Factors influencing consumer behaviour

2. Cultural factors

3. Social factors

4. Personal factors

5. Psychological factors  


Factors influencing Consumer Behaviour

The following factors have been identified as those that influence the atypical behaviour of an average consumer. The factors are:

1. Cultural Factors: First and foremost, the term culture can be defined as a set of values, beliefs, preferences and tastes handed down from one generation to another. Invariably, the culture where an individual comes or raised up may have a direct/indirect impact and influence on his/her consumption or buying behaviour.

2. Social factors: This relates to a group or societal class. Every consumer belongs to a number of social groups..... View More

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